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The story of our company started in the 2005 when having fallen in love with swarovski jewellery Gerry Elsdon was asked to become the face of the brand in South Africa. As a jewellery enthusiast and businesswoman and a lengthy conversation with helmut swarovski on his last visit to South Africa about the potential of this world renowned stone on the African continent, she had the idea that if she was going to wear and promote jewellery only enhanced with Swarovski Crystals why not wear her own creations. In fact why not create her own brand and set up her own jewellery company with its headquarters in the heart of Africans most lucrative economy – and give this venture a name that is synonymous with Fashion and celebrity. A name of good standing and credibility and quality which would be translated into the high-quality silver, gold and palladium jewellery with a special design quality from the very outset.

This crystal has no competition, while the Cubic zirconia attempts to be the great pretender Swarovski Crystals are a stand alone stone which will never loose its lustre. It is a testament to man's evolution.

Early in the creation of the brand Gerry was able to secure the services of the designers who had worked in fine metals and done some of the most beautiful work she’s worn in this semi-precious stone.

Gerry has a sixth sense for design and trends and is unafraid to explore the potential of the stones and materials available to her. Every texture used in her jewellery or accessories bring to the design table their own unique inspiration and gives the brand a distinctive face. In doing so, the team created not only a completely new look – but perhaps establish an entirely new market segment.

Capitalising on Swarovskis already extensive global brand awareness campaign Gerry and Jenni are going to use this to enhance and strengthen the Gerry E brand closer to home

With the strong, internationally-recognised brand in swarovki and the quality being development in South Africa the world is their oyster...
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