Speaker Facilitator and Women’s Development Specialist


Cinnamon Communications under the watchful eye of CEO Gerry Elsdon inspires growth and development in all areas of your corporate and social environment.
We host workshop programmes to compliments your conference environment with an in depth look at the fabric of our society and their social wellness.


Motivational Speaker and Facilitator

After numerous motivational speaking engagements, Gerry felt the need to build on the fundamental goodness of our society and create opportunities through which women can benefit, grow and thrive by taking advantage of the wisdom of other women in the greater community.


Gerry Elsdon has become a highly sort after speak and meeting facilitator:


  • The Goddess Within
  • Not Just a Cupcake
  • Flying without wings
  • What Have You Done For YOU Lately?
  • Superwoman Self Esteem
  • Networking Nuggets