My Soul Speaks.....

I Am Inspired and In Awe of Women of All Ages, All Creeds and Every Experience. When Women Give Of Themselves And Of Their Wisdom To Other Women They Provide Warm Hearts, Insight And Generosity Of Spirit.

We Offer An Opportunity For Mothers, Sisters, Daughters And Friends To Offer Resources, To Encourage Each Other, To Laugh Together And To Teach Each Other. It Is About Fulfilling The Needs Of Women, An Opportunity To Create Social And Emotional Relationships With Other Women.

There Can Be No Denying That Women Have Made Tremendous Progress In Many Areas Of Their Home Lives, Business And Politics, And Yet, In Many Cases Their Inner Lives Are Still In Disarray.

We Have Taken A Collective Step Towards External Freedom. Now Our Next Challenge Is To Create An Internal State Of Emotional, Psychological And Spiritual Freedom That Matches The Pace Of Our Social, Economic And Political Gains.

As We Enter This New Millennium, And We Begin To Call On Women To Come Into Their Own And To Take Charge Of Their Lives And That Of Their Families, It’s Become Clear To Me That We Cannot Support And Be Strong For Others, Nor Can Healing Occur For Women Until We Have Critically Examined And Changed Some Of The Beliefs And Assumptions That We All Unconsciously Inherit And Internalise From Our Culture.

Every Culture In The World Has Wise, Nurturing Women Like My Mother... That’s Right, My Mother from Whom We Can Learn and Draw Strength. So Too Does Every Culture Have New Age Women Who Are Excited And Want To Learn More, To Grow More And To Give More Spiritually And Emotionally In Every Sphere Of Their Lives.

I Am Truly Excited About Celebrating The Body And Soul Of Women. Women Of Soul Is An Environment Where We Can Acknowledge And Release Our Creativity. With The Assistance Of Professionals Who Are Passionate About The Well-Being Of Our Women In A Relevant And Interactive Manner, We Hope To Share A Refreshingly Soulful Message.

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